5 best weekend jobs for teens

5 best weekend jobs for teens

OK, I get you,  you are looking for ways to monetize your free time on weekends by doing Weekend Jobs for teens or by any other means so that you can earn some serious money other than your pocket money and if this is the reason then you came to the right place.

Here I will give you some of the best and easy weekend jobs for teens which you can do from Home on holidays.

Let’s start

  1.  Freelancing

Yes, from my view this is the one of the best way to monetize your free time no matter whether you get free time after coming from school/college or on the weekend you can work  right from your home and there is no time restriction on which time you want to do it.

I have already written a article with pros and cons of the top 5 best freelancing websites which you can check here 

Pros of using this method

1.  You can do work from your home

2.  You will get fair money as per your Skill

3. So many skill to choose from (Choose the skill in which you are best)

Cons of using this method

1. So much struggle in starting phase to get first few orders (Because you will not have any reviews if you are just  starting out by making new account.)

2. You have to be consistent for orders to keep coming.

3. There is lots of Competitions (Because there are lots of unemployment out there in most of the countries)

4. It will take time to build your strong profile

     2. Quora Partnership Program

Yes you can earn from Quora by just asking questions on the platform. The Quora Partnership Program is currently active in the following countries: U.S., Japan, Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, India and Brazil.

So, If you are from the above few countries then this must be a best online Job for teens which you will like to do in weekends because all you have to do is to ask questions and earn money and teens have too many questions 🙂 so it’s a win-win situation for you (you will get answers of your questions and earn money also at the same time).

Pros of this method

1. Earn money by asking Questions (Simplest way to make money on internet)

2. Get your Questions Answered (Ask questions which are solving your daily problems and don’t ask just for making money)

3. There is no limit how much you can make.

Cons of this method

1.  Available in limited countries only (Please check the country list above)

2. Pay per questions is not significant. (You can do this as side job or just for fun on weekends and not as full time.)

3. Questions should provide some values to the audience. (This means you will not earn by asking garbage questions like what is apple?)

   3. Online Tutoring

Teach what you know already is the best and easy way to make money.

Generally teens are in there schools or in college so it is a easy way to earn because you need to just teach the thing which you are learning already this means you don’t need to be creative or do some type of research also the Pay is good so one of the best jobs for teens.

There are many websites like

1. Chegg

2. vedantu

3. Solutioninn

4. Tutor.com

5. Tutorvista.com


On all the above website you can work from your home also you can set your per hour rate and Time as per your convenient therefore if you are already doing your 9-5 Job and want to do work only on weekends then there is no issue.

The best things is you don’t have to work hard for making money because you can choose the subject for teaching in which you are at best like if you are from United States then you must me good at English because English is your mother tong.

Alternatively, If you are good at Maths then you can also teach Maths.

Bonus Tip:- If you have some programming skill like Python, or JAVA or C/C++ then you can earn upto 3X then any subject. This is because there are less teacher available out there who are too good at programming.

Also, People can earn money by learning Programming Skill so you are providing more values to the students and this is the reason you can set your rates higher then any other subjects.

There are some Pro’s and Con’s and pre Requirements to earn money by Online Tutoring which we will look Now:-

Pro’s of Online Tutoring

1. You can earn while you are at home

2. Freedom to set your Own Rates

3. Chances are high you can land on some Rich Students who can pay you a lot more than you expected if they like you style of Teaching.

Con’s of Online Tutoring 

1. Limited Income because of Limited Time. (You can’t increase the numbers of hours in a Day i.e 24 hrs )

2. A major cut as website/platform commission (Upto 25% or even 30% in some cases)

3. You are Dependent on website for your earning.

4. This is not the passive Income.

Now, We have to look to some of the pre requirements which is must needed before you start.

1. A bachelor or master Degree of Education in the subject which you want to teach. (Approx 90% of the Online Tutoring website Will ask for this if you signup as Teacher because they want to assure the quality of the Educations.)

2. Almost every website will take a Online test before they finalize you as a tutor on their website.

3. Beneficial if you have some Teaching Experience.

4. You need a Good Internet Speed to teach One on One. (You need at least  5-8  Mbps).

I Don’t want you to be fully dependent on this or leave your current job on the basis of Online tutoring Income better if you take this as a part time job for side income to do/teach on weekends to make some extra cash to cover your expenses.

4. Blogging

Yeah, Blogging

This is the method from which I am making money right now as you are reading my Blog.

There are mainly two reasons to recommend this method which are

1.This method can make almost passive income.

2.This is the method from which you can make lots of money and I mean really lots of money.

The Best thing is this is not like the Job and in this method you can do work when you have time there is no restriction.

If you are free at weekends then do the blog work on weekend holidays or in night when you have free time.

But with so many benefits there are some drawbacks also which we will discuss a little later in this post.

In order to start blogging you have to get some pre knowledge before starting and here some of them are below:-

1. How to register your own domain on any domain registrar like Godaddy, Namecheap, Hostgator and many more.

2.Choose the Best hosting for your website. (You can buy the shared hosting also if you are tight on budget.)

3. Learn how to customize your website on wordpress. (You need to have little knowledge about how to host your website on WordPress.org)

4. You need to learn and do keyword researching for finding the best keyword for maximum profit.

5. Learn how to write SEO optimized article and how to make good quality backlinks.

6. Must have some good knowledge of On-page and OFF-page SEO in order get ranking in google quickly.

Yeah, I know so many stuffs to learn and this is not the way to learn and do weekend Jobs but One thing is alone make this method more beneficial even with this lengthy process and it is freedom to do work when you have time .

In a survey a question is asked from so many blogger that what is the things which motivates you to do blogging continuously even we all know its a little boring to open laptop and start writing articles and more than 90% says that the money it pays and freedom to work from home.

5. Transcriptions

For those who don’t know about Transcription, Transcription is the process to convert audio files to text by listening. 

There are many software out there which are capable in converting audio to text automatically but the problem is they are not so correct to use it directly, you have to do lots of proofread in order to make readable and some time they are worthless because it largely depend on audio quality and accent of speaker.

So, Client prefer not to use the software for transcribing their audio/meeting recording and hence they are willing to pay more.

The standard rate for transcription is $1/minute and some time it goes upto $2/minute.

Some of the best website to do transcriptions are 

1. Speechpad 

2. Rev

3. Scribie 

4. TranscribeMe 

5. Upwork/Fiverr




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