Vipkid review: How much you can earn?


If you don’t know what Vipkid is then this Vipkid review will clear all your queries.

Vipkid is an online platform where English teachers and students come together for mutual benefits.

Vipkid is the life-changing thing for English teachers all over the world.

Do you know why I said Life changing?

You will understand while reading this post.

If you are living in an English speaking country and English is your native language then there is a good new for you, even if you are not a teacher by profession you can earn a living by teaching.

All you need is a bachelor’s degree and knowledge of how to teach English.

I think teaching your native language is not tough for anyone and teaching is something you can master while practising.

How much you can earn from Vipkid?

This is the question every reader wants to know even before reading the post :). This is why I made my first heading having this question.

You can earn a lot more on Vipkid platform than any survey websites or any PTC websites.

Many teachers who are teaching on Vipkid has reported that they are earning more than $100 per day.

Earning from VIPKid can be divided into three category

1. Base rate

2. Incentive

3.  Contest/Bonus

Base Rate

The base rate is $7 – $9  per half hour (or $14 – $18 per hour). Your base rate will depend on the demo class you give while joining process and your credentials. (On your bachelor’s degree and your past experience.)


The incentive part depends on more than one thing

i.e Your time punctuality, Your performance during classes, Number of students like your teaching style, Number of the student doing advance booking for your classes. 

There are two more incentive you will get other than this are 

Participation Incentive – up to $1 USD (per half hour)

Finished Class Incentive – up to $1 USD (per half hour)


In addition to Incentive Vipkid also provide bonus and conduct contest where you can win some additional money but these are only occasionally hosted. 

The frequency of payment on Vipkid platform is once a month. (You will get paid monthly).

How to join Vipkid?

Joining Vipkid as a Teacher is not as simple as joining the Survey sites because in this case, you need skill and knowledge to make money.

Also, there is a huge difference in earning potential in both cases.

First, you need to submit the Joining application on the website here


Also, you have to submit your bachelor’s degree information and your past teaching experience while signup process.

If you don’t have have a degree then, unfortunately, you can’t join Vipkid but there are many other ways from which you can make money online while sitting at your home and much more than this. 

The hiring process is very strict on Vipkid platform and this is a good thing because you can earn more if there are fewer competitions.

After submitting all information needed for signup you have to go through an Interview and demo session where you have to express your time management and Teaching skill to get qualified.

Vipkid application process

It can take up to a week or two to get hired on Vipkid platform. And Hiring percentage is only 10% of the total application submitted.

I know the percentage is very low hence your percentage of getting hired is also low but this helps Vipkid to maintain a good ratio of Teacher and student.

If earning $20 per hour seems too low for you then I recommend you to start an Online business or prefer Passive income methods for earning online.

Pros of Vipkid platform

  • The pay is good in comparison to other cheap methods to make money only for example Survey sites or PTC websites.
  • You can work from home and choose your hours to work on.
  • Fewer competitions due to strict Joining process.
  • There are lots of incentive other than Basic pay.
  • You can have Tax benefits if you are working from home.
  • Fuel and time-saving in travelling
  • They pay the earning always on time. 
  • They have a referral program from which you can create a passive income if you know the marketing skill.

Cons of Vipkid platform

  • No Solid passive income Opportunities
  • You can’t make millions from this website.
  • The hiring process is difficult.
  • You can’t join if you don’t have a bachelor degree.
  • The only subject you can teach is English. No opportunities for other subjects like Maths and Science.
  • There pay per hour is good but they are not paying for the hours you are giving for preparing the lessons.
  • You are fully dependent on the platform and their rules. If they decide in future to decrease the per hour rate then you have no option other than to accept this.
  • Most of your students are from China (almost 80% ) it means that you are bound to work on china’s time zone even you have the freedom to choose your timing.

Final Thought on Vipkid

According to me VipKid is a legit and good platform to make money online but only for those who have a bachelor degree and have a good knowledge of English.

One more point is It is not a passive income method so if you want to make big then this site is not for you but if you are just starting out then it’s a good start to make some money.

My suggestion is not to depend on this platform fully for your needs.

I know you can make up to $2000 per month on this platform but this does not end because there are many more ways where you can make $2000 a day.

Wishing you best of luck.


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