Top 6 passive income ideas to do from home

Top 6 passive income ideas to do from home

Here are the top 5 Passive income ideas which you can generate online


Before discussing any passive income ideas I want to tell you that it is not easy to generate passive income also it takes a bit of time to generate passive income.

So, if you do not have patience then this post is not for you. It is always easier to make active income than passive income.

Generating a passive income is a desire of many people but generating a passive income online is a desire of everyone.

Now, Let’s discuss the methods

1. Affiliate Marketing:-

I know many of you is familiar with affiliate marketing (If you promote any product and if someone will buy from your affiliate link then you will earn a commission. ).

I know you will think this is a kind of active income because if we stop promoting the product then we will stop getting sales then hence income but here is the twist

Start generating the recurring fee product in which user has to pay a fix monthly subscription fee for using the product like Email marketing tools like Aweber, SEO tool like SEMRUSH and various hosting products, etc.

if you find any difficulty in finding the recurring commission product for promoting in affiliate marketing then tell me in the comment box and I will provide the list.

2. Blogging:-

It is not the 100% passive method but still, it is more than 80% and with a simple trick you can make it to 100%.

Now, Let’s discuss the method

I think every one of you is familiar with the idea of blogging if not then I recommend you to google it because it is a simple concept in 2019.

After mentioning this point I know a question comes in mind which is how blogging is an idea of making a passive income online if we have to post an article on regular basis to stay with our ranking in google and traffic?

The answer is after getting a threshold income from your blog you can hire writers for your blog and keep posting a unique and helping article to get the ranking and traffic from Google and from this you can automate the process.

Here is one key point:-

Many people told you that making a youtube channel is also a passive income but from my point of view, it is a semi-passive income idea so we are not discussing here.

If you want to know why it is semi-passive income idea then ask from any youtube channel owner and you will get know.

3. Lending Money Online:-

I planned to post all 5 passive income ideas without investment but I am mentioning this method because of its nature of being a 100% passive method.

Due to getting popular and popular of the online lending platform, it is now much easier to lend money online and this is a total 100% passive income idea.

Here are a few examples of the online lending platform like:-

4.  Writing ebook:-

Days are gone when it is very difficult to publish your self-written ebook.

In 2019 It is very easier to get publish your ebook without much headache and this is all because of Amazon KDP(Kindle Direct Publishing).

I know writing a great ebook is not an easy task but believe me, it is totally worth it.

There are main two hurdles which you have to cross in generating a decent income from your ebook

  1. Writing a good book is lots of time taking process.
  2. Getting your book in from of readers needs some promotions in starting.

Point 2 will takes little investment but do the promotion only if your book has great value otherwise your money get wasted.

5. creating an Android App:-

This is the method in which you need skill instead of money for generating passive income online.

In order to make the passive income, you have to create a good and useful app which required knowledge of Java and XML.

Now the question is how this idea is a Passive income idea?

If you put add in your developed application and if the application is useful and the user needs to use again and again then you will earn money each time the user uses the app without doing anything.

The main hurdle is making a good application which needs a good knowledge of JAVA and XML and lots of practice which again needs lots of time to master the concept but believe me it is worth the time giving in this idea and lots of people are making millions from this idea and all by the passive method.

6. Start an Online Store with the help of Shopify:-

Starting a Dropshipping Business is now not a difficult task and making money from it also.

If you do not know anything about dropshipping then google it is a simple concept like affiliate marketing with some differences.

In 2019 it is very easy to open an online store also without having any inventory all because of some online Platform like Shopify.

You can easily make an online store in a few hours with the help of Shopify.

There are a few hurdles which you have to manage to cross if you think of opening a Dropshipping Store.

  1. Promoting your store will be a difficult task for you if you don’t have the knowledge of Google Adwords and Facebook Ad.
  2. Its a bit tough to get positive ROI on your expenses done on your store.

It is advisable to get some idea about Facebook marketing and get mastered in order to get success in Dropshipping.


There are many more passive income ideas but I am listed only top 6 here because they are the most popular and trusted ways to earn from which already many people are earning thousands and millions online in passive ways.

If you have any other idea which is worth mentioning here then please let me know in the comment box:-

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