Top 4 ways to earn money online without Skill

Top 4 ways to earn money online without Skill


It is much easier to earn money online if you have some selected skill like Video editing, Graphic Design, SEO, etc.

But in this post, I will tell you some ways from which you can earn money online without skill, it means that these methods are the easiest methods from which housewives, kids or even less educated people can make money.

Now the List

      1. Meesho Android app

It is a product reselling app and based on a very good business model. In this method, you don’t need the skill but you need to know how to share and where to share.

It is a platform where you will get some product in the clothing and fashion category mostly and with a price tag which you have to sell it by sharing.

If you have high numbers of people who know you then there is a better chance that you will get succeed in this business model because this totally depends on reselling of the product by sharing it on the social media platform.

      2. Affiliate Marketing

It is tough and easy both at the same time because of its nature. It is the process in which you get a commission if you refer or promote any product and if it gets sold you earn a commission from it.

If you do not have any skill then you can do affiliate marketing by just sharing the product review (having affiliate links in it) on social media platform and its done no more work is required.

Also, on the other side if you have some skills like SEO then you can make a blog having product reviews and do the SEO on it to get the ranking in the google search engine to get the traffic and affiliate sales from your website.

So, Affiliate Marketing is for both types of people having the skill and not having skill type of people. So, if you do not have any skill then you can just do the sharing and earn money from it.

         3. Earn by link shorteners

In 2019 there are billions of people who do the search every day on Google searching for some relevant information which can be helpful in their day to day life.

People do search on Facebook, Google, Quora, forums, and on many more places the key point is all the information is freely available online and anyone can access it.

Now, The key question is how you will earn money from it?

The answer is by providing the correct location of the information to the people who are searching for it with the help of link shortener.

Let’s understand this from an example of the Quora platform

Let assume it many people are searching for a solution of the problem of viruses in their computers and they are looking for question and answers in Quora to find some related question to get the answer and you found a very good video on youtube on how to remove the virus from your computer completely.

Now you have to make an account on any link shortener website and shorten your video link which you have found on youtube and share the link while answering the question in Quora.

Now what happened is when someone hit the link to view the video on youtube then link shortener website will first show some ads before redirecting to original web address and people do watch the ads and wait to let website to open the original link because they need the shared video to solve their problem and in this way you will earn some money for number of people are watching the shared videos.

This is a very good business model and in this method, you do not need any skill. All that you have to do is just sharing the right information to the right people.

Some of the Link shortener websites are:-


        4. social media influencer

This is the method where you have to do the hard work one time and earning is lifetime and also without doing anything.

You can say this method is a passive income type and more effective if you are a good looking girl/female of age from 18-35 years.

In this method, you have to make a large fan following in Instagram or similar social media platform.

once you have a good number of following then the game begins. (game of earning without doing anything)

I know it takes a bit longer to make a large fan following on Instagram but believe me it will not take much time if you are a good looking girl. (It is a lot easier to increase the following in Instagram by just sharing your photos every day but this is only in case of the female.).

Once you have more than 10000 followers then you start getting offers from different companies/individuals for the promotion of their product on your Instagram profile in exchange for money.

And the main point is your earning will keep growing because your followers will also be getting larger and larger every day.

The Last two method which I told you (Link shortener and Social media Influencer method) both are Passive income method and are very effective.

If you need more ways to earn money online and ready to learn some new skills for earning a decent amount then you can see my others post on a similar topic which is given below:-

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