Survey compare review : scam or Legit?

survey compare

Many people want to know that is there any way to make money from filling survey’s and if you have the same question then you will get the answer in this Survey compare review article.

People often ask me what are the legitimate and easiest way to earn money online?

I always say Join Swagbucks if you are a beginner or just started thinking of making money online.

Similarly making money from survey sites is one of the many methods to make money from home but this method is not for everyone or I can say this method is for who don’t want to learn anything for money-making.

But the problem is about 50-60% survey sites are scam sites and due to this the same question arises for Survey Compare 

About Survey Compare

Survey Compare is a platform who connects the user base to survey companies to benefits both.

People find legit survey companies to make money without gets into any scam and companies find the right user base to collect data and improve their product/service on the bases of feedback.

is Survey compare is a scam?

The answer is ” No, The Survey compare is not a Scam Company” Instead it is more than any survey website for making money by doing admin work.

The reason I said it is more than any survey site because Survey Compare is a platform where survey companies/

Survey Panels and customers meet just like Fiverr where freelancers and buyers collaborate to make things happen.

Now I will answer a few questions about Survey Compare after which your concept will get clear.


If Survey Compare is not Scam then How do I get started?

It is too simple to get started with Survey Compare. Go to their home page and you can make your account in less than two minutes, all you need is your basic information and your email address.

signup at surveyCompare

 After Signup, you will start getting emails from Top Survey Panels for filling the surveys. You can do as many surveys as you want and you will get rewarded for filling each one.

Or you can take quick brief from below video

How much you can earn?

The answer to this question will not be going to make you happy because you can not earn decent money by filling an online survey but this doesn’t mean it is a total waste of time. 

You can earn up to 5 Australian Dollar per survey. Now let’s do some maths 

Suppose you are doing 5 to 7 surveys per day and 6 days a week then your total earning will be 24 x 7=  $168 Australian Dollar.

And I think earning a $250 Australian Dollar is not enough for anyone if you are living in Australia.

Now the question is what if you are living in some underdeveloped country like Nepal then I think you can depend on this income but now the problem is your per survey filling pay will get lower because of your Living status and country of living.

So, In any case, do not depend on any survey site income. Many survey site is legit but the pay is extremely low.

Some of the pay rates are given below, have a look you will get some idea

survey rates

How you get paid?

The survey Compare pays via PayPal. If you don’t have any PayPal account then you can signup here.


What are the pre-requirements for joining the Survey Compare?

There are not any pre-requirements for joining the Survey Compare because the site is not a Survey company but it’s a Survey Platform. But it is good if you are older then 16 years because most of the Survey Panels ask for the age greater than 16 years.

Please find below some of the top survey Panels listed on Survey Compare 

Top survey panels

Pros of Survey Compare

  • It Deals only with legit survey companies: The main advantage is you will not get caught in any survey scam and this is because survey Compare collaborate only with legit survey companies and do the strict background check before listing the company on their site.
  • Honest about earning potential: If you are planning to make few bucks from filling survey then it’s ok for you to signup but if your expectation is high then survey sites are not for you and this is the bitter truth I am telling you. You can not make a decent amount from survey sites and this website also tells you the same thing honestly and I like this honesty.
  • Simple and clean: In general you often see lots of advertisements and pop-ups on survey sites and because they want to monetize their site you have to deal with these advertisements while filling the survey but this is not the case with Survey Compare. It is clean and ad-free.
  • Help you to join multiple survey sites from one platform:– The main motive of this platform is to join you with multiple survey sites so that you can manage all your accounts from one place. This also helps you to manage to earn and to see other statistics in one place. 

Cons of Survey Compare

  • No Passive Income:There are no passive income opportunities available. If you want to make a decent amount then you must look for passive income methods and not getting happy after making a few bucks from survey sites.
  • Earning Potential is very Low:– The main thing is money and if you can’t make a living from this method then as per my view this method is useless. I know it is a legit site and you can make real money from it but it is not worth the time needed to fill the surveys.
  • Not useful if you already signup for more than 4-5 companies:– The website is designed in such a way that you can signup for more than one survey companies and manage all things from one place but in case you have already joined the many survey companies separately then there is no use to signup for Survey compare because after joining you still have to manage things outside this website.
  • You still have to deal with issues with survey companies separately:– Survey Compare helps you to connect with different legit survey sites from one place but in case if there is an issue with anyone you have to deal it separately and solve it on your own.


My Survey Compare review

According to my research Survey Compare is not Scam and anyone can earn money on this website but if you ask me then I suggest you join the Survey compare only if you haven’t earned a single Penny online.

I advise joining the survey sites to make money online only if you are totally beginner because it is not value for your invested time.

If you want to taste Online money-making and you don’t have any skill then only I recommend you to join the survey Compare to make extra few bucks for a short time only.

Note: – If you don’t like filling surveys or want to join a high paying GPT site then I recommend you to join 20 Cogs because it pays three times more than any other GPT or survey site. People are earning more than 150 Euros per month alone from this site. You can read the full review here.


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