Top 10 easy side jobs for college students

Here are 10 easy side jobs for college college students and ways to get them

1.   Content writing jobs 

If you know how to write good engaging content then there are lots of side jobs available for you to make money from home no matter whether you are a college student or teacher.

Every year college students gets a 2 month summer holiday for enjoying their student life and for being stress-free but if you utilize these two months for doing content writing work then you can generate a source of income for yourself for feeding all your needs.

There are many websites where you can get content writing as side jobs for college students easily like Fiverr, constant-content.

One more alternative is to try to ping some good blogs for content writing jobs because good blogs are always hungry for good content and if you can write good content then you will surely get the jobs for writing a blog post for these blogs.

2.   Start a Blog 

Starting a blog is super easy and all you need is a domain and hosting because everything except this is completely free.

If you don’t know how to set up a blog then you must check out this.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of a blog and I don’t want you to get fail because it is better to see first that you can run the blog successfully because it is easy to start a blog but it is not easy to rank your blog on google.

Also, you need lots of patience before you earn any money from your blog.

Advantages of starting a blog for teens

1.  There is no restriction on age before you start your blog. So, anyone can start a blog hence No minimum qualification needed.

2. You just need one skill to run a blog which is to know how to write an engaging article and should be good in English so that you don’t make any grammar mistakes.

3.  It is a 50% passive income means you don’t need to work every day like any other job. Once your blog gets ranking in google then you will get income from it every day. All you need is to keep the blog updated.

Disadvantages of Starting a Blog

1.  You will not earn any money from your blog in the first 3 months.

2.  It is tough to get ranking in google.

3.  You need patience and continuous work in starting time. 

3.   Freelancing 

Freelancing is the best method for college students for doing some side jobs and earns money. Do you know why?

because it gives you the money within 15 days after completing the job. There is no waiting time like in other methods for example in blogging.

Also, you can earn money from any skill no matter what skill you have i.e Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, SEO, Video editing, etc. 

And if you are really good at anything then you must try where Only Top 3% freelancer work and due to this the pay per hour rate is very high so this means that you will earn huge money from your skill.

No matter you are a college student or not, just master the one skill and be in Top 3% freelancer and start getting a heavy pay rate from your skill.

Top three website for Freelancing work is





4.   Domain Trading 

Many Do Domain Trading for a profit and there is no skill needed to do that. All you need is a sense of finding the true value in the name of your domain.

for example a few years back when Facebook was not that much popular then someone buys for just $10 from a domain registrar and as time passes and Facebook start getting popular with the sort name of FB then Mark Zuckerberg buy the domain for $8.5 Million dollars in Sept 2010.

I recommend this method because you need almost no skill to make money and also you don’t need any great amount to buy the domains because unregistered domains come at a price of $10 per domain So this is the best method for kids to try out this summer holidays.

This is just one example out of many. So, All lifetime earning can come from just one single deal.


Always buy the .com extension domain because any other extension does not have great value in it even if it is unique.


You can buy the domain from a registrar like Godaddy, Namecheap, Hostgator, Bluehost, etc

Now you are thinking that after buying where we sell the Domain?

Don’t worry there are many places to sell the domain like,, Godaddy itself provide the Auction facility to sell the domain.


5.  Start a gaming YouTube channel

Kids love playing games and this is like a dream come true because in summer holidays teens can make money while playing the game.

Here is the step by step process.

Step 1: Open a YouTube Channel and give a Gaming name to it.

Step 2: Find the most-streamed Game on YouTube.

Step 3:-  Download/Buy the game and installed the game into your PC.

Step 4:-  Find the best free Screen recorder and installed on your PC.

Step 5: –  Start playing online with your Friends with good commentary skills.

Step 6:-  Upload the recorded video on YouTube.

Step 7:-  Upload the video on YouTube on a regular basis to make some decent money. (Most important step)


You have to keep the patience because it will take approx 3-6 months before you start making any money from your gaming YouTube channel because it takes time to get views on your YouTube Channel.

6.   Do Transcription

If you are a good listener in your college then this method is best for you because in this method all you need to do is to listen to the audio and type in Word File and upload it on the website.

In case you don’t know what the transcription is transcription is the process of converting the audio to text by listening manually.

A top website like Scribie is good for beginners and can give you up to $0.6 per minute but you can manage to get higher on the freelancer website if you have good reviews.

Most of the time Client wants to pay more if the audio quality is not much good. I have seen clients paying up to $4-5 per minute for transcribing the audio.

Some of the best Transcription sites are

1. Speechpad

2. Rev

3. Scribie

4. TranscribeMe

5. Quicktate. 

6. GoTranscript.

7. Tigerfish


7.   Sell stocks photos

In 2020 in India, even medium-class Kids have a good quality camera in their mobile and 7 out of 10 kids love to take pictures.

What if I say you can make money from you takes photos, Yeah I am not kidding because there are many websites that are ready to give you a few bucks for a single good quality photo.

Let say your 15 photos got selected by the website and they are ready to pay you $15 per snap so total is 15×15= $225 just for your photos which you have taken from your mobile.

sound Interesting??

Here I am listing Some good website which you can use to sell your images

1. Alamy

2. iStockphoto 

3. Shutterstock

4. SmugMug

5. Instaproofs

6. GuruShots

8.   Teach your Native Language

There are more than 1000 languages spoken in the world but out of these 4 languages are the most popular and these are

1.  Chinese 

2. English 

3. Hindustani 

4. Spanish

Many people want to learn these languages because they want to become a translator or have an interest in that language.

I think this should be the easiest way to make some money this summer for kids because all you need is to teach the language you already speaking day and night from your childhood.

There are some good websites from where you can start and can make decent money in your summer holidays, for example, start on because here you can easily gather some initial students by putting very competitive pricing and increase the price slowly.

9.   Do Micro Jobs

As a college student, you may find these methods a little difficult because every method needs some kind of knowledge or experience, even in Domain Trading you need to have a good sense of humor to judge the value in the domain.

But in these methods, I will tell you three websites where you can earn money in your free time and I know these can be the best side jobs for college students because there is no skill need to complete the job.

The website is

1. Amazon



4. 20 Cogs (Available only in the United Kingdom)

All three websites above are 100% legit and tested and in case you don’t know what Micro jobs are then Micro job can include counting the list, calculating the total amount, commenting on the blog, copy paste jobs, etc.

Please try this method only if you are unable to do the above 8 methods because the pay is really very low in these methods and I don’t want you to give your valuable time in doing these jobs.

10.   Fill Online Survey

This is similar to micro jobs where all you need is to give your opinion on some products and the company. Yes, some of the Survey sites are legit and working even in 2019 but off course the pay is not good but these survey jobs can bring you the pocket money if you already finished yours.

Some legit Survey sites are

1. InboxDollars.

2. Swagbucks.

3. Prize Rebel.

4. Vindale Research.

5. Pinecone Research.

All you need is to make your account on these websites with the help of your email and start Filling the available survey.

You can get from $1 to $15 per survey depending on the time required to fill the survey.





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