15 Best online jobs from home without investment

15 Best online jobs from home without investment

Here I have listed some Online Jobs from home without investment which is suitable for students because they can do this as part-time with there studies.

The jobs which I am going to tell you is 100% legit and tested so please be tension free and if you tried searching the internet for online Jobs then your search ends here.

Please Note

These are the jobs which required some/little skills to do except data entry. If you don’t have any skill in the beginning then I recommend you to acquire some by watching youtube videos or you have the second choice of doing Data Entry Jobs but remember don’t except nice pay for data entry work.

1. Online Jobs for College Students which needed some skills and pays well


If you are in college then this post will be going very special for you because here I will tell you some awesome Online Part time job which you can do from anywhere and earn handsome money.

College student often is in search of Online jobs because they don’t have any source of income to meet their expenses but they are in the learning phase to learn some skill and use these skills to earn money.

If you do not have any skill then you have two options first is learn some skill as per below job requirement or do the Data entry work which does not need any skill.

1.1 Content Writing

Content writing is one of the best job you can do from home and without investment.

The best point about content writing is here is an endless demand for it because the number of blogs is increasing days by days and every blog needs its unique content to rank on google so there is the tremendous need of good quality content.

So, if you are a good writer or have great knowledge of any fried in which you can write about then you can do this job easily.

The pay scale is around $30-$100 per post depending upon quality. (Yes, quality matter here).

Now, The question arises here is from where you can get this job.

You can get this job from various freelancing platform like Fiverr.com, UpWork.com, Guru.com

1.2 Video Editing

If you want to earn more than pocket money (Earning full-time income from Online i.e more than $1000 per month) then Video editing is the way to go the reason is Video Content is the future of the internet (YouTube is growing at an exponential rate).

The reason video is more interactive then plain text and can explain anything better than the image or text content. 

So, the future is bright but it will take you some time to learn video editing and start making money.

The reason I am mentioning at point 2 is its Payscale, you can get anywhere around $30-$200 per video edit on freelancing website depending on the complexity of the editing. 


1.3 PhotoShop work (Image editing)

This is the skill which is the best value for money because you can master this skill in less than 30 days and start making money also tons of tutorial is available on YouTube for learning.

What if you don’t have money to buy the license of Adobe Photoshop software?

No, worries because free software is also available.  (i.e GIMP image editing software). You can start your work by using less advance and free software i.e GIMP and later on you can switch on premium Adobe Photoshop.

(Still, Adobe Photoshop provide 30 days free trial)

The pay which you can except is around $15-$80 per editing again depending on the amount of time needed to do the Job.


1.4. Fillable PDF Form/PDF editing 

This is one of the easiest Online Job which you can do from Home without any Investment.

All you need this a free or paid PDF editor and little to no skill to do the Job.


Tip: Sometimes the client just asks you to convert their PDF document to MS Word document. You can do this by this visiting some PDF Converting site(i.e ilovePDF.com) just go their upload the PDF Document and convert to MS Word format and deliver the file. It will not take you more than 10 mins.


The Best PDF editor I recommend is “Adobe acrobat DC” it is very premium Software by Adobe and has very easy to understand interface.

But it is costly too so if you don’t have a budget for paying software license fee then there are some free software are also available.

The pay which you can except per project is around from $10-$100 depending on the number of edit needed or amount of time required to do the Job.

I know the pay is attractive but remember you can complete the task in less than 15 mins sometimes.

Also, This is the pay for PDF editing work. You can expect more for making PDF fillable work.

1.5. Graphic Design

Graphic Designing work is the skill in which you need some experience to complete the Job. It is not the easy one but it will pay the effort you put in for learning.

In this category, there are many sectors to choose from

    1. Flyer Designing. 
    2. Book cover Designing.
    3. Broucher Designing.
    4. Business card Designing.
    5. Pamphlet Designing.
    6. Logo Design

The pay scale you can expect is around $20-$150 per project depending upon the type of project.

You can learn Graphics designing from various sources like YouTube, Skillshare.com, Lynda.com, Udemy.com, etc.


1.6 Voice-over 

Voice Over Meaning

Voice over is the service in which you have to give your voice to the client video. For example, let suppose your client gives you a whiteboard animation (about explaining the services he provides) having no audio in it. So, you have to provide your voice to it as per video scenes.

Voice Over is for people having a good voice and speaking skill.

This is the skill which not everyone can do but if you can then get ready to get high pays because of most of the time clients gets ready to pay you around $50-$150 per video if he/she likes your style and voice. 

This is not a difficult task to do but you have to be good in communication/explaining with a good voice.

There are many websites from where you can get the voice over Jobs on a continuous basis like:- 


1.7 Digital Marketing Expert

(Social Media Marketing, Google Adwords/Facebook AD).

This is not the Low skill needed Job because in order to become the Digital market you need a good level of experience in handling Social media and Paid advertisement Campaign. 

So, it may be time-consuming for you because if you are beginner then you have to learn first by taking digital marketing courses.

But believe me it is worth it not in view of getting Online Job from home but also it will help you in your business Because In 2019 Digital marketing is very important if you do business Online.

I suggest you to start learning Facebook Ad first because it has easy to understand interface and easy to run Paid campaign whereas Google Adwords is a bit complex you want to run a paid search campaign.

If you are bit confused where to learn Digital Marketing then l suggest you learn from YouTube videos if you don’t have a budget in starting. 


1.8 White Board Animation

If you are a YouTuber or have any previous experience in creating animation video or video editing then I will say go with creating White Board Animation because there is a huge demand for it because White Board animation is very very engaging.

If you can make some awesome whiteboard animation then you can earn as much as $300 per video creation. Yes, you heard it right $300 per video or even more but you have to make very good and quality engaging videos.

The One Software which I recommend to use for making whiteboard animation is video scribe


2. Now Some Online Jobs for teens in which they do not need any skill

     (Online Data Entry Jobs )


2.1. Data Entry/ Virtual Assistant/ Microsoft Excel formatting 

It is the Online Job which does not require any skill except typing this the reason you can not except high pay because there are so many people who can do this and available for doing this job.

Also please note that there are so many websites out there who ask you to pay some initial amount to get this data entry job but please be aware these websites are scams (Because they are demanding money).

There are only a few genuine websites on which you can trust on Like Fiverr.com, Upwork.com, Guru.com, etc

The pay scale is around $10 per page or less (Yes the pay scale is low because it does not require any skill this is why I do not recommend to do this type of Job).


2.2. Transcription

Transcription Is for those people who have good listing Skill and command on their language. 

Also, The pay is good in this field you can get approx $1 for transcribing 1 minute of audio.

For example, If your client gives you the audio of 1 hour ( 60 mins) and your rate is $1 per minute then you can charge $60 for this project.


Transcription Meaning

Transcription is the service in which you have to listen to audio given by your client and write it on Ms word or notepad by listening and need to deliver this written text form of audio.


There are various ways from where you can get transcription Jobs like Rev.com, Freelancing website, 



 3. Now Some Online Jobs for Tech-People

(These Jobs are Premium Online Jobs from home which are capable to make you rich)

3.1 Website designing

(Buiding website on WordPress/ Bug fixing /customizing website)

Nowadays building a website is not a rocket science anyone can do it by learning WordPress a bit.  Yes, I am saying right you don’t need any coding skill to make a website on WordPress. You just need to learn some basic features of WordPress.

But when it came to earning from this skill then you have to be expert in it because it is true that you don’t need any coding skill but you need some technical skill to make the Job Done.

I want to give you some ideas on what type of Jobs/projects you can get on freelancing websites  

    1. Installing WordPress on the Hosting server.
    2. Improving Website loading speed.
    3. Making Website Mobile responsive.
    4. Uploading Content on the website.
    5. Making an E-commerce Website.
    6. Installing Plugin.
    7. Fixing Bug.
    8. Customizing the Website Look.

If the above terms are new to you then please don’t worry it is easy to learn WordPress.

Also, If you want to become an expert in it then I suggest you learn Visual composer, Gravity Form,  woocommerce after learning WordPress Basic.

There are tons of WordPress tutorial available out there but one website is too good and is best according to me for learning WordPress is WPbegineer.com.

The Plus point with this website is they also have a YouTube channel so if you are facing problem in understanding any concept then you can watch the video on that topic.

Now, let’s talk about Money, this field is very broad so, you can get projects ranging from $10-$1000 depending on whether the project is about to just fix a bug or developing a whole E-commerce Website. 


3.2 Android App Development

Here comes the need to learn Coding to learn this skill, Yes you need to learn the Java and XML to build an Android Mobile App and according to me it is a goldmine, Do you know why?

It is one of the highest paying Freelancing Job available Online. 

You can charge somewhere around $100-$1500 for developing a single App for the client depending upon the requirement the client need in his app.

If you don’t like the Android then you can become the ios App developer but for that, you need a MAC and a $99 license fee for publishing your app on apple store whereas for publishing your android app to google play store you need only $25 one time fee.

The question arises from where you can learn these languages then I will say prefer the book and video tutorial and do practice because in order to master this skill you need both learning and practice.


3.3 SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?
Search engine optimization is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results —often referred to as “natural”, “organic”, or “earned” results. Source:- Wikipedia

This is the second step of developing a website because in today’s world website is a business and business need customers and for the website, you can get customers only if you are on page 1 of Google search engine for your business related key term so there is endless demand of this service.

In order to give you an idea about pay scale, you can charge from $100-$5000 per doing SEO for your client website.

Also, One thing I want to tell you that it will take time to learn and do SEO because SEO takes time to show its result so, if you can’t keep patience then I suggest you please don’t choose this category.



4. Two Super Bonus Method to make a large sum of money passively Online  


These last two methods are not the Jobs you can do for your clients but instead, it’s a business which needs continuous effort and dedication in order to get successful.

These two methods are methods from which you can make even millions of dollars online but in order to get fruits from this business it will take at least 6 months to 2 years depending on competition in your sector/niche  

4.1 YouTube

YouTube is the video platform from where you get fame with money. because of its nature. So if you need fame also with the money then go for it.

There are many people who are making thousands of dollars every month from youtube just by sharing their knowledge with the world.

And Its future is bright because Video is the future of the internet and this is the reason why YouTube is growing at exponential rate.

You need only four things to get started and they are

    1. camera
    2. Knowledge
    3. Video editing Skill
    4. A little bit of on page SEO


4.2 Blogging 

This is the last but the best method to make money Online or you can say an online Job of sharing your knowledge by writing which you can do from home and without doing any investment.

In order to get success in blogging field, you need to learn a few skills first and they are

    1. SEO
    2. A little bit of WordPress Knowledge
    3. Keyword Planning
    4. Writing Skill.

The best thing about blogging is there is no limit of earning and there are various ways you can monetize your blogs like Adsense, Affiliate marketing, selling your own product, Doing Email marking and many more.

The best advice which I can give if you are going to start blogging then I will say only one thing “Be patience because it will take time “

In order to start blogging, I will say prefer WordPress over the blogger platform.


All the above are Online job/services which you can offer but if you are not interested in Job then you can do the online business also see my previous post below on Top Business Ideas

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