4 best type of jobs for teens from home.

4 best type of jobs for teens from home.

There are many Online Jobs for teens out there which is suitable but I am listing the only top 12 Jobs and the process to get them to do from home.

I am dividing the all Online jobs for teens in four categories which are as follows

1. Writing Jobs

2. Typing Jobs

3. Teaching Jobs

4. Other Jobs

1. Writing Jobs for teens

There are some Online Jobs available which anyone can do it.
It doesn’t matter whether a 50 years old person writes it or whether a 15 years old teen.

Some of the writing Jobs are as follows:-

Freelance Writing jobs

There is a huge demand for articles in blogging industries and blogging industries are growing every day hence the demand for good quality articles is also increasing.

If you are teen but having good knowledge in any sector then you can write about it and earn money by writing an article.

One website which I recommend for getting the job is Upwork.com because you will get long
term jobs there instead of short term.

You can also try another freelancing website like Fiverr.com or Freelancer.com for getting the Job.

For more detail, you can see my post on Top 5 best freelancing website here.


If you are from the United States then this website is the best working website out there for you.

And if you are good at writing then try textbroker.com.

On textbroker.com you will get paid per article basis and the payout is based on the quality of the article
you provide.


Do you know why you will get paid for writing good quality articles is because the person who will pay you will earn money from it by publishing these articles on their blog

And, you can do the same instead of writing for others you can start your blog on your own because in today’s time it is quite easy to buy a domain and hosting to start a blog and even teens can do it easily.

You will not get the instant payment like in Textbroker or freelancing website but it will take much more time because there are lots of competitions in Blogging field now.

If you can’t keep the patience then I recommend you to go with the above two options.

Writing Books

Yes, Even if you are a teen you can write books and publish it on your own and this is all because of Amazon KDP(Kindle Direct Publishing).

Here are a few examples on which you can write a book even if you are a Kid

1. Master English Language (If you are from the United States and if So then you must be good at English)

2.101 Tricks to do fast Calculation in Maths (If you are good at math)

For publishing your book all you have to do is write at least 50-60 pages in MS Word in the proper format and convert into PDF for uploading in Amazon KDP and boom, it’s done.

2. Typing Jobs for teens:-

Captcha solving

If you need pure typing Job in which there is no requirement of knowledge(As in the case of writing jobs ) as a teen then you can do the captcha solving Job and this is the best job if you want to do just typing and nothing else.
This job is purely based on no. of catch you can solve.


Another option in writing jobs for a teen is Transcription. This is one of the most simple Online jobs for teens if the person has good listening skill.

Transcription is the process of converting the audio to text by listening.

And in this type of job, you don’t need any knowledge in any field because all you have to do is to listen the audio and type in Ms word and sent the typed file to the client to get paid. 

Scan Images to Ms word conversion

Many times it is the case when someone has some long 4-5 pages handwritten notes which he/she wants to convert in digital to send in emails or wants to publish on the internet so, Here comes the need of manually typing each and every word.

You can get this type of Jobs on Fiverr or Upwork.

I recommend you to try Fiverr because on Fiverr there is a requirement of age is only 13 whereas on Upwork it is 18 years.

The pay for above Job and Captcha solving is good but I recommend you to try Transcription because the good as up as $2 per minute and this is just for listening and typing job.  

3. Teaching jobs for teens

Completing Assignment

Intelligence does not come from age and if you are good at your studies then this section is for you.

If you are good at any subject then you get paid for completing assignments.

There are numbers of students who are from rich families and don’t want to do assignments from the school.

So, they generally go to fiverr.com and hire someone to complete their assignments.

You can get somewhere between $10 to $100 per assignment depend on the complexity of it.

Also, there are many websites where you can provide the teaching service but they all need at least age of 18 years but on Fiverr you need to be only 13 years Old to provide the service and earn money.

Teaching the English Language

If you are from the United States then there is a 99% chance that your mother tongue is English and English is the most demanded language in the world.

And there are many countries where people are dying to learn English, for example-  India.

So, Even if you are a kid then there is no problem because your mother tongue is English and you can easily teach your mother tongue language and people will pay you a decent amount for it because English is the most demanded language in the world.

4. Other Jobs for teens

There are other few more Jobs which is available online but I have selected the best Online Jobs for teens which teens can do from home and now some more jobs are:-

1.Playing games Jobs

2.Watching ads and completing the microtask

3.Survey Jobs for teens


Now, Let’s Discuss one by one each

Online Playing Games

If you are a Kid then I am sure you must be a game lover and what if I say you can earn money by doing the work which is related to a game like a cricket.

Yes, it’s true

All you have to do is to register on dream11.com and make an account and put some money in it and make a team by choosing the players and if you players will do well then you will earn money.

The second option is using the GPT App and there are tons of GPT App available in the Android play store where you can get paid for downloading the app and playing the game.

micro task jobs for teens

I know it is a bit difficult for teens to do complex Jobs like graphics Design but teens can do some small micro task.

The best place to find and do some micro task is Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Here you will find tons of micro jobs which teens can easily do.

These jobs are much easier then freelancing jobs which are on Fiverr.

Survey Jobs for teens

The best and easiest way to make money online is doing the surveys and if you are a Kid and you do not have any skills and still want to make some money by doing Online Jobs then this is the best methods for you.

I am saying this is the easiest way because you need zero Technical skills to make money.

But, In order to get this online Jobs, you need some legit website who are offering this work online.

So, Here are a few sites where teens can get online Survey Jobs

  1. Inbox Dollars
  2. Swagbucks
  3. Prize Rebel
  4. MyPoints
  5. Vindale Research
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