6 Easy methods for college students to make money Online

are you in college?

If yes, then I am sure you must need some money on a regular basis for your needs/requirements and if you are getting money from your parents then why bother them for your needs if you can earn by yourself.

Now, if you are wondering how you can earn before finishing your college then continue reading this post because I will explain point wise how to make money from home if you are a college student.

I will guide you

How to make money from your home if you are at level zero in making money online.

1. Freelancing

Do you know what freelancing is?

Freelancing is like providing your services online in exchange for money. For example, if you are good at photoshop or in video editing then you can provide this service for a fee.

There are many freelancing websites but only a few are popular and effective 

1. Fiverr.com

2. Upwork.com

3. Peopleperhour.com

4. TopTal.com (Only for experts)

5. Truelancer.com

6. Airtasker.com (for providing offline services)

If you never earned a dollar online then I know it’s hard to believe the possibility of earning money online but I earned more than $4000 from Fiverr.com and if you also want to do the same then check out my post on “how to make money on Fiverr“. where I have explained everything about Fiverr and other freelancing websites. 

2. Writing Books on Amazon Kindle

I know writing books was never easy but now days getting your book published as simple as eating a piece of cake.

Go and google it “amazon KDP” and click on the first link and you will get redirected to this page.

The page you see is the signup page of amazon kindle where you have to make an account the same as you make on social media accounts.

Now upload your book on the portal and start promoting your book because without promotion you are not going to get sales.

If you don’t know how to promote then you can use the amazon KDP promoting platform where you need to spend the money on the promotion campaign.

 3. Start a Youtube channel

For making money from Youtube you need two skill

1. Video Editing

2. On-page SEO

Also, you need a good quality camera for recording videos.

It will be a little easier to earn from Youtube channel than making money from your blog because it is easier to speak than writing.

You can record videos from your mobile but you need good video editing software for editing your videos i.e ADOBE PREMIERE PRO.

But first, you have to learn how to operate the editing software, Yes it is not too easy to edit the video in adobe premiere pro without learning the Video editing course.

4. Developing Android App

If you need money without doing anything then you have to make a passive income source instead of an active income source.

Developing App is the source of passive income where you need to work hard in starting but once done you will get paid lifetime and all you need to do is just the maintenance work.

If you are in college then you must have some free time to learn new things then why not learn to develop apps and make passive income.

For developing App you need to learn Java first and don’t worry I know where you can get the best content for learning Java for free,

After learning Java you have to learn XML.

XML is used for making the front end of App and must be needed if you want to make a good looking App.

One more thing you need a Console account to upload the App for making passive income from home.

The cost of the Console account for google play store is $25.

5. Start an Online Store

Making an Online Store is now easy because of some online platforms like Shopify who provide the facility to manage the technical things at their end and you have to do the marketing only.

For running a successful online store you need to learn digital marketing first because without paid marketing your store will like a dead body.

For selling items on your store you need to import the items from some big wholesale websites like Aliexpress.

There are two important advantages in this method are

1. You don’t need to store inventory.

2. You don’t need to handle shipping. (Your supplier will do that for you.)


1. You need a good amount of investment in starting. (The investment is needed in for paid advertisement.)

If you want to be successful in this method then I recommended you to learn how to do FB ads or Google AdWords.

It is too easy to make an online store with the help of Shopify but the main task is to get the sales with the help of paid advertisement.

6. Teach English

If you are from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia or your native language is English then there is good news for you.

There are many countries where people want to learn English, for example, India, China, Russia, etc.

The pay will not be so nice but this job is like teaching small children because there is no more easier job than teaching your native language.

There are sites, you must check out if you want to teach English and earn money from home.

1.  VIP Kid

2.  51 Talk

3.  Magic Ears Teaching

4.  Cambly

5.  Dada ABC

6. English Town

7. GoFluent


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