Top 5 most profitable crops to grow in United States

If you are from the Agriculture sector in the United States then there is good news for you and that is you are now going to make more money from your same piece of land because I am going to list down the most profitable crops to make more money than before with all the Tips/Tricks/things to consider the point.

Farmers always have a fight in their mind in selecting the crops to grow in their land before buying the seeds but this time I am going to end this fight because after reading this post about the most profitable crops you get all your questions answered.

1. Lemon

I have included Lemon as my No. 1 most profitable crop to grow because there are not one but many reasons to put Lemon on the No. 1 position.

Reasons why you grow Lemon in your land.

1. Once the Lemon tree is 4-5 years old, the lemon tree will continuously give you fruits for the rest of 20-25 years onwards, there is no need to plant the tree after every harvesting as you do in case of other vegetable crops.

2. The lemon tree is a rough tree so there is less maintenance cost except it needs the watering on a regular basis.

3. The tree produces fruits all year round so, there is a continuous inward flow of money to your pocket

4. Lemon tree leaves can be used to make lemon tea.

5. Every Lemon tree can produce up to 600lbs of lemons every year.

6. For any reason, if you got failed to sell a part/all of your fruits then you can make Lemon pickle from lemon very easily and can sell this on a higher price then lemon itself.

Here I have listed Only 6 benefits to grow lemon but you can notice that all 6 are so lucrative that you can not resist yourself to grow lemon this time.

But Before you move forward, I want you to read some of the drawbacks of growing lemon also so that you can decide better before you do actual lemon tree plantation.

Things to consider before growing Lemon tree

1. For the first three years straight after plantation of the lemon tree, you will get nothing because the tree is capable of producing the fruits only after 3 years of plantation.

2. Even after 3 years, the tree will not produce many fruits because from 3-8 years of tree life it operates only at 30% capacity. Only after 8 years, the lemon tree produces fruits at full speed.

3. Think twice before growing lemon tree as once your plant the lemon tree then your land got fixed to one single type of fruit, you cannot change it to another as you can do in case of various vegetables.

2. Mushroom Farming

There is only one big reason to put this in place 2 and this big reason is that there is no need for sunlight for growing mushrooms.

This means that you cannot grow mushroom in open land like you grow other vegetables and this means you have to grow mushroom only indoor like in the basement of your house.

You can see this as a positive side as well as the negative side both, for example, if you do not have large land then there is an advantage for you because there is no need for largely open land to grow mushroom.

Points why Mushroom is the most profitable crops to grow this time

1. No need of largely open land to grow because mushroom grows in the dark moist area instead of open in sunlight.

2. Very high and good price for your mushroom crop in comparison to other vegetables because of fewer mushroom crops due to the indoor needs of this fungus.

3. Very Cheap indigent is needed like wheat straw to grow mushroom so also very cost-effective.

4. Some mushroom is very easy to grow like an oyster mushroom which needs only water and any type of grain straw to grow.

5. It takes only 35 days to grow full for first harvesting.

So, If you are from those who do not have land but still want to earn from farming then this is a very good option for side income.

Things to remember before starting Mushroom Farming

1. Remember mushroom grow like fruit from a fungus so, it is very sensitive to the surrounding, so it very important you take care of cleanness around where you grow mushroom otherwise there is a chance that some other type of deadly mushroom will grow.

2. Mushroom is very mush temperature sensitive so, if you are at a place where the temperature is not suitable for mushroom then you have to control the room temperature from Air Conditioner or something else.

If you are growing Oyster mushroom then there is an extra advantage which is if for some reason you were unable to sell your crop then you must dry it completely and can sell it for 5x price.

3. Radish

Radish is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world, you can harvest it in less than 35 days.

Also, there is a year-long demand of radish around the world because it is eaten as a salad during lunch and dinner.

As harvesting time is just only 35 days you can easily get 11 harvestings in a year which is just like getting paid every month.

Here are the top reasons to select Radish

1. If there is a cash shortage then Radish is the option because harvesting time is just 30-35 days.

2. There is less likely that your crop will be unsold because there is a year-long demand.

3. Radish can also be grown inside with proper conditions.

4. It will take very little room to grow, so there is more production from the same piece of land.

Things to consider before growing radish

1. Harvesting time is very sensitive, If you will get late to harvest your crop for any reason then your crop will get damage itself. So harvest your crop at the right time only.

2. You have to do plantation every time you harvest your crop.

3. Price is not very attractive as this is the fast-growing plant.

4. Garlic

Garlic is eaten all over the world due to its strong medicinal properties, also the customer is ready to pay a high price.

If you have 1 Acre of land then you can easily produce more than 15000 pounds of garlic from it.

Reasons for growing Garlic

1. Higher price due to its strong medicinal properties. (Up to $15 per pound)

2. Year-long demand because it is eaten by people all over the world

3. Very strong plant, It tolerates harsh weather conditions, so you will never lose your investment.

4.  It can grow on all types of soil.

5. Saffron

It is the most expensive herb in the world, from this fact I think you already know why I included this in my most profitable crops.

one pound of Saffron can fetch anywhere between $5000 to $12000 depending on demand and supply.

If you have one acre of land then you can easily produce 4-5 pounds of Saffron from your land.

Benefits of growing Saffron

1. Very high price.

2. Low investment is needed.

3. High Demand in local as well as international.

4. Best crop to grow if you are living in mild winter condition.

Things to remember before growing saffron

1.  It is a very very labor-intensive crop so if you are living in the area where labor cost is very high then ready for less profit.

2. It is a temperature-sensitive plant so, grow only if you are at the right place.




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