Top 5 online jobs for teens

Top 5 online jobs for teens

In 2019 Anyone can make money from home even there are many jobs for teens also.


And this is all because of internet. People are doing their jobs from home. I have seen lots of teens making more than $1000 per month 🙂 just by doing some online work from home.

Many people think that it is not possible to make significant amount of money from working online and same for teens because Online Jobs for teens is not available according to them.



There are many ways from which even teens can make upto $3000 per month.

Here are Some methods from which teens can get Online Jobs

 1. Online Teaching Job 

 2.  Blogging 

 3. Writing Books for kindle 

 4. Freelancing (video editing, Graphics Design, Photoshop) 

 5. Affiliate Marketing 

Now, Let discuss each method one by one.

1. Online Tutoring Job

Do you know sector of  Online tutoring Jobs are increasing at a exponential rate?


Simple People are making money.

The place where people make money will grow very fast. You don’t even need to advertise your platform for a very long time because word of mouth work itself.

Some of the example are freelancing website, we all know people make handsome money from freelancing website and in today’s time millions of people are working from home to make money.

Online tutoring jobs are of same kind, You make money from home by teaching online via Web Cam face to face with your students.

In this post I will explain everything and give you some good website to make money from home by teaching.

Some of the good website for Online tutoring are below

tutoring jobs for teens

The above websites are all tested and best for doing online teaching jobs for teens because most of the times it was found that teens need money in their college times and they are in learning phase so, they can use the same skill to meet the demand of there money need by himself.

2. Blogging

This is the method which is i am doing right now i.e writing the blog post.

The concept of Blogging is simple share your knowledge by writing.

The income from blogging is directly propositional to number of people reads your blog post.

so, as traffic on your blog increases your income will also increase and according to me in order to increase your traffic you need just two skill

1. Knowledge of SEO

2.Keyword planning.

I know it will take time to acquire the above two skills but believe me it will payoff your invested time.

Also, it will be little difficult for teens to get the above two skills but in 2019 there is a website called YouTube which has all the solution of all the problems.

I am saying this because I myself learned many skills in depth from YouTube itself.

It may be possible that you will not earn any money in starting but after certain time when your website start getting ranking in search result then your traffic and income will also skyrocket to higher level.

This method is a passive income method so once you have developed your blog  and start getting traffic then you just need to regularly update the blog with latest information.

writing jobs for teens

Also, there is not any time bound job which means that teens can do the work i.e writing the blog post when they are free.

All is required is good writing skills and i think they must have good writing skills in there school/college days.

If you want to know that how to start a blog then you must checkout this.

3. Writing Books for kindle

Writing and publishing a book in 2019 is as simple as writing a blog. Yes you heard it right.

You don’t need the bunch of money for making your book published. Reason??

The answer is Amazon Kindle. Yes you can publish your book for free here. All you need is writing and packed some so valuable information in your book which make your book stand out from thousands of book.

Yes, thousands of book, due to cost effective and simplicity of publishing there is a lots of competitions also.

So, in order to make some passive income from your book you need some knowledge and this is a awesome opportunity for teens to start making some passive income from there early day of life.

There are some pre-requirements like you must be good in writing, have great knowledge in the topic on which you are going to write a book, and know how to market your book.

So, Basically you need three skills to make some decent money from amazon kindle (by writing a book) and they are :-

1. Good in writing (Must have great knowledge of grammar )

2. Deep understanding of topic of the book.

3. Know how to do marketing of your book.

I know teens can write book on the topic in which they have interest/knowledge but there are high chances that they do not know how to do marketing.

so in that case Amazon have some paid features where you will just have to pay a certain amount of money and you can skip the marketing part because amazon will do it for you.

And this is the reason why I have selected this methods for one of the best online job from home for teens.

4. Freelancing (video editing, Graphics Design, Photoshop)

Freelancing is the best method for making quick money. I know teens don’t have patience to wait for more than 6 months to see some positive result.

Therefore this method is for those teens who need quick result/money.

In case of Blogging and writing a book you need to wait for long to start money rolling in your bank account but in case of freelancing you will get paid within a week after completing the job.

Some of the best freelancing websites are

out of above five website I will recommend you to go with because this website support new freelancer to grow faster.

I myself earned more than $4000 a month on fiverr by just doing simple PDF editing work and developing website on wordpress.

here is the proof

earning from fiverr

On an average Fiverr gives you your money earned in 14 days from the date of complete of project and upwork gives within 7 days.

These two website are the top 2 websites where approx 70% of the buyers come and buy the gigs.

You can understand this from the fact that fiverr has approx more than 35 millions visitors per month and upwork has more than 27 millions visitors per month.

But in order to get the job on freelancing website you must have some valuable skill which you can do remotely like video editing, Photoshop, Vector art, graphics design work, Voice over etc. and the age from 14 to 24 is the best age for learning and implementing the skill therefore this job is best job for teens.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the simple concept to understand in case you don’t know what it is?

It is the concept where you promote other’s product and get a commission on every sale you made.

I know its a bit difficult to make a sale in affiliate marketing but if you have a audience then it is a peace of a cake no matter on which platform you have a audience i.e YouTube, Blog, Instagram, Fb Page. Etc.

Now you are thinking that how easy is this for teens to make money from this method and the answer is Not easy if you don’t know what is the procedure to earn from this method.

So, Let’s discuss the procedure/steps of making money from affiliate marketing.

There is 4 step procedure to make this happen

    1 :- Create lots of valuable content on the topic in which you are a expert.

    2 :- Choose a platform to publish you content on regular basis like YouTube, Blog etc.

    3 :- Find the product which is related to your sector/content.

    4 :- Promote this product once you have a significant numbers of followers/subscribers/readers.

Usually teens do the mistake and directly jump to the step 4 without doing the step from 1 to 3 and if anyone will follow the procedure then he/she will sure-shot will get the success in affiliate marketing but the problem is the step from 1 to 3 is too boring and not fruitful in the process and this make the man to do the mistake.

Still there is the problem with the teens to work online because of  schools/colleges workload and in that case i have written a post on weekend jobs which you can check here.

And in case you want to earn passive income only then you must check my this post.




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