Top 5 legit freelancing websites for beginners

Top 5 legit freelancing websites for beginners


If you still struggling to make the first few dollars online then this post is for you. Stay with me and I promise I will not disappoint you.

I know its hard to make money online and it is because most of the time people land on fake websites.

So, I decided to write this post for new babies in this field to make the task easier for him/her.


It the No.1 freelancing website in the world since 2004. Also, this website is famous for providing the long term Online Job instead of short term job because of its premium clients who are ready to pay well for well-done Job.

I want to point about some key point about this website which helps you to perform better on this website.

Key Points:-

1. Upwork is very strict:-

Upwork is very strict regarding the quality of work provided to clients by freelancer it means that
If you are not good at what services you are providing to clients then Upwork will kick out you very quickly.
You can take an idea from the below screenshot

upwork account suspended

Yes if you will not get the job in 45-60 days then Upwork will think that you are not good in your skill this is why no clients
has given you the job and as a result, Upwork will suspend your account for not getting the job.

2. Lots of free Tests available:-

Lots of tests are available for proving you have a good knowledge of your field and skill and this the good news for those people who are good in his skill.

Let suppose you are good at Java and able to develop Android apps now there are numerous java related test which you can give for free
to prove you are better than others and believe me it will help you very much in getting first few jobs (When you do not have any reviews in starting)

3. Bidding system:-

It has bidding system means if any client posts a job then freelancer who has the skill will bid on his project and clients will look some portfolios of the freelancer who has given a bid on his project and chooses any one of it.
it means that everyone has a chance to offer a client for the work.


This is the second largest freelancing website in terms of traffic after Upwork.
The benefits of joining this website over Upwork is it is not very strict in comparison to Upwork as you have seen an example above.
And this is good because new freelancer often does some mistake which is difficult to be avoided.

Now some key points:-

1. Not depending on the bidding system:-

Like upwork Fiverr has also buyer request section where client post jobs for a freelancer to bid on it.
But this is the only 20% area where Fiverr operate.
The main area is freelancer create their services in the form of gigs and wait for the clients to contact him for the task.

Fiverr basically depend on gig ranking system means clients generally search keyword related to his job in Fiverr search engine
and then Fiverr will show some gigs which can provide his/her desired service.

2. Recommended for the new freelancer:-

Fiverr give chance to every new freelancer to show up on the first page of the Fiverr search result in order to
get the first few orders for a new freelancer. whereas it is a bit difficult to win a job in bidding system

3. It is not a $5 dollar marketplace:-

Yes, it is not a $5 marketplace. Fiverr is only name as but you can get orders from few dollars to thousands of dollars. It all depends on your skill how you upsell your services to the customers.

3. is a bit different than the above two because of its one features which are providing so many paid option for the freelancer to mark their service as sponsored to increase the visibility of day offer in front of the potential customers.

You will not find this feature in the above two freelancing websites. but it also has some drawbacks like providing the test in the paid option which ultimately makes freelancing difficult for the new freelancers because new freelancer doesn’t prefer to invest first.

So, if you can invest some few dollars initially then this website works well for you but if you have a tight budget then I will not recommend you to go with the as you need some initial amount to invest in advertising your services to get first few orders.


Peopleperhour is also one of the best freelancing websites in terms of getting jobs.

As the name suggests here you will get the job on per hour basis instead of fixed price.

According to me, Peopleperhour is the mixture of and because this website is also based on a bidding system and provides some features as a paid option to advertise your services to get the first few jobs.

I recommend you to try your luck firstly on then then and afterward

My reason for this recommendation is because of traffic which is highest in the case of and High traffic doesn’t mean you get the job easily instead it means that you will get more opportunities to get the job because of high traffic but it also means high competition.

5. is also one of the good websites in terms of freelancing because it also has some good clients who can pay you well.
I suggest you go to if your luck doesn’t support the above four websites.

One positive side of using is you will pay the less commission on your completed work on this website which is because of its less popularity.


There are much more freelancing websites but the above 5 websites are the one of the most popular website having lots of feature which I described above already go and join with and then if your luck doesn’t support there then go with invest some amount in promoting your services in the front of clients still if you didn’t get the job then I will recommend you to go and try with the and I am sure you will sure get the job.


If you are facing difficulty in deciding what to do then read the below post because I am sure it will help you because below post has numerous options of services which you can offer to make your first few dollars online.

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