Forthright surveys: is it good enough?

In this post, I will provide in-depth knowledge of forthright surveys, so that my readers can decide whether to go for it or not.

People often find difficult to make money from the internet while they are at home and come to know that the easiest way to make money is by filling surveys.

This post is very important for you if you also want to make a few bucks in exchange for your few minute’s time.

About forthright Surveys,

forthright surveys

The forthright survey is one of the top legit online marketing research companies that is providing money in exchange for your genuine opinion and a few minute’s time.

It is true that you can’t make a living by filling surveys but it’s a good start if you didn’t make a single dollar online.

Before July 2017 forthright was know as InnoPoll but they were not having sufficient good reviews to carry on so, they rebranded their company as forthright.

Forthright is a New York company operated by Bovitz Inc.

How forthright works?

Anyone can join forthright, All you need is your basic detail and your email address.


1. Go to the forthright website and signup with your basic detail.

2. Keep an eye on your inbox

3. Fill the survey upon receiving

pro’s of Forthright over other survey’s companies

1. Joining is simple.

2. No minimum payout. (Almost Instant Money)

3. No point System.

4. Loyalty Bonus is counted for every survey you complete, No matter you qualified or not after completion of the survey. (The $2.00 loyalty program is popular.)

5. Surveys are quick and easy relative to other survey companies.

Con of Forthright over other survey’s companies

1. No referral system

2.  Too many 3rd parties surveys and fewer surveys are originally from Forthright.

3. No Passive Income potential. (Get some passive income methods here)

4. Low pay and hence you can’t make a living from that.

5. Poor customer support

6. “Don’t Qualify” & “Quota Is Full” message is there also similar to other survey companies. 

7. Loyalty Bonus is for Fortnight surveys only, so you will not receive any loyalty bonus if you will complete the 3rd party survey.

How much you can earn from Forthright Surveys?

forthright pay

The per survey pay is between $1 to $5 for every survey you fill and qualified for, the pay depends on the time needed to complete the survey and urgency.

You don’t have to wait for weeks to receive the payment because there is no minimum threshold for payment like other survey companies have.

Other than per survey pay you will receive a loyalty bonus every time you complete the survey.

Loyalty Bonus is $2 per 3 surveys you complete. The best thing about loyalty Bonus is once you complete the survey you will get the loyalty Bonus for sure no matter you qualified it or not.

I know $2 for 3 surveys is very very low but something is better than nothing.

Note:- Forthright sends their surveys as well as their partner’s 3rd party surveys also and there is no loyalty bonus for completing the 3rd party surveys. You will receive the loyalty bonus only for completing the Fortnight surveys.

Problem and suggested solutions with Forthright Surveys

1. You are Disqualified

The problem with the survey companies is that they often did not pay for the survey in which people don’t qualify and due to this sometimes they are called scams.

But the reason is for earning a few bucks people give wrong details about them i.e for parent surveys only many nonparents also try to fill the surveys.

To overcome these problem survey companies design the question in such a way that the liers get caught and get disqualified.

Getting disqualified after filling a long survey is not the problem of Forthright only, almost all the survey companies do the same. (And this is not Scam because if you are getting disqualified then you knowingly or unknowingly are given the wrong info about yourself in the survey) 

2. Quota is Full

The “quota is full” error is also a very common error in mosy survey companies but this is a genuine error because in almost 90% case the data collecter order only a limited number of surveys per topic. 

For example: if a company produce different types of flavoured chocolates and company want’s to know which flavour customers like the most and suppose the budget is $2000 only ($2 per survey) for 1000 people then only first thousand people will get the chance to fill the survey and get paid for it because Forthright will send the mail to his all subscriber at once and survey rule is first to Come– first serve basis.


The solution to the first problem (You are disqualified) is Forthright needs to take all details of the surveyor filler at starting (while signup process) so that the survey company can send the survey to only those people who are genuinely are their customers.

If forthright will take the details at starting then there are fewer chances people lie while signup process but also it will make the signup process too lengthy.

The solution to the second problem is if they need 1000 people data only then they have to randomly select the 2000 or 3000 people from their database and send the surveys to these people only.

There are high chances that not all people will see the email and fill the survey and the percentage of Quota is full decrease sharply.

My opinion on Forthright

In my opinion, Forthright surveys are one of the best surveys because the company is paying the loyalty bonus even if you are disqualified plus there is no threshold for payout with waiting time.

But still, I will say that there are many more ways to make money from home other than filling the survey and I am saying this because you can’t make a living by filling the surveys.

Alternate options of Survey Sites

If the money from survey sites aren’t enough for you or you are living in developed countries where the cost of living is high then you can try other GPT sites which pay way more then other survey sites like 20 cogs.

This website is a GPT site means on this website you will get paid to complete small tasks like completing offers, filling surveys, singing Up for trials but this website pays almost 3X than any other website you can read a full review from the above link.


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