EldiBux full Review: Read this before you join


Welcome to my Eldibux Review. Here all your doubt get cleared and after reading this you can decide easily whether you should join Eldibux or not.


1.  What is Eldibux?

Eldibux is a PTC website where people are getting paid for doing various small tasks like clicking on ads, playing games, Mining bitcoins etc.

The website is Located In US and registered the domain from Namecheap with an expiration date in 2020.

In addition to doing a various small task, Eldibux also has a referral program which offers additional income opportunities if you want to promote this website.

2.  What Eldibux has to offer you?

There are many ways you can earn money from Eldibux

  • Clicking ads:- Earning money by clicking ads is the easiest way to make money from this website the problem is you hardly make any money from it because you will get approx 0.0001$ per click which is useless I think.
  • Playing Games:- Earning money by playing the game is best for kids so If you have kids in your house and they love playing games then this might work for you but still I will not recommend it because you can earn only a few cents by playing hours of the game.
  • Betting on flipping coins:- This is the riskiest game on this website because you can bet real money on it. The rule is you will get the doubled amount of bet amount if you win otherwise you will lose 100% of the bet amount. 
  • Paid offers/ Offer wall:- This method is a little better than the clicking ad method because here you will get money for completing the offers like signing up for a free membership plan, completing the survey.
  • Automatic miner:- This method is the passive income method in which you earn money passively by using your computer CPU power. In this process, you put your computer for the process of mining the bitcoin. But as per my point of view, this method is also useless because the amount you earn by mining the bitcoin is very very less in comparison to electricity cost you are using for running your computer. So again it is worthless.
  • Referral Program:- This is the last method from which you can make money and this method is the best method in comparison to the other six methods discussed above because you are earning money if the person is working on Eldibux to whom you referred. But again there are so many terms and conditions which you have to consider.

3.  Whether you join it or not?

No, please don’t join it, because the earning is too low that you can’t pay you internet bills even, therefore, I don’t recommend the joining of this website for making money online.

Also, the user experience is very bad due to lots of ads on the website which again make the website useless.

4.  How to withdraw money from Eldibux?

There are many restrictions for withdrawing money from this website, for example,

  • 20% of earnings for free members must be from our offer walls.
  • Free members can withdraw $ 1.50 – $ 5 every 7 days only.

You can get your money via PayPal but due to lots of restriction this also make this website useless

5.  How Much you can earn from Eldibux?

There are many ways you can earn from this website but I don’t think that any method has any worth giving a try.

The website itself put the restriction on the max withdrawal of $20 in four parts ($5 every week).

So, your max earning can be $20 in a month and I think you will not be able to reach to this threshold because the pay is extremely low that you cannot cover your internet bills.

For your reference, I have attached a screenshot of a user of this website explaining how difficult is working on this website.

Eldibux review

6.  Pros of joining the Eldibux

  • Free to join:- The website is free to join for everyone no matter from which country you are from.
  • Available to all country:- The website is open for all countries so whether you are from the United States or from Bangladesh you can signup and can start earning money from it.

7.  Cons of joining the Eldibux

  • Website is full of ads and popup:- When you open the website for completing the signup process or for login into the website for completing the offers for making money then you will find the whole website full of ads which make difficult to see the content.
  • Very hard to earn money:- The pay is extremely low on this website, for example, you have to give hours of your time to just earn a few cents.
  • Website Paid membership is useless:- The paid membership of this website is very expensive which make this website again worthless. I accept that your earning will increase but in order to cover your membership fee you need almost a year which is again a solid reason to not join the paid membership plan of this website.
  • Not Suitable for mobile users:-  The website design is good and responsive but due to lots of ads on the website it is very difficult to operate from mobile due to smaller visual screen in mobile.
  • Lots of restriction on withdrawal:- Again the website has put the lots of restriction on free users like 20% earning must be from offer walls and you can withdraw only max of $20 in a month. This also makes referral income useless.

8. Alternative sites of Eldibux which you can join

  • Hive work:- Hive work is a micro-niche website where you have to complete a small task like completing the survey, Labeling the boxes in a document, categorising things etc. I know this site is similar to Eldibux but it is a lot more trusted and good sites where you can earn much more than you are earning in Eldibux.
  • Remotasks:- Remotasks is also a similar site like Hive work but it is a little different than Hive work because you have to complete the training work before you start getting paid.

9.  Review and Conclusion 

There are so many complaints out there against Eldibux for poor user experience and for not facing difficulty in receiving money.

I am sharing a few screenshots which I have taken from the Forum of Eldibux itself.

The below person is complaining about 20% rule of the Offer wall.

Eldibux complaint

This person is complaining about delay payment from the website

This one is explaining about how difficult is earning from this website.

This one is complaining of not receiving money from the website

In the last, I will say I did not get even one person who is happy from the website.

So sorry because I am saying this but this website is very bad and I suggest you not to join at any cost.

10. Is Eldibux a Scam website?

Eldibux is not a scam but it is worthless because the amount you earn on this website is very low and you cannot pay your internet bills even from this earning.

11. Other methods you can consider for making money

If you do not have any skill and still want to make money online then there are many more ways from which you can do it but if you need the easiest way to make it then I suggest you join survey sites like Swagbucks and join some micro-task website like Hive work from which you can earn a lot more than any PTC website.

You can read a detailed article on “ways to make money online here“.

If you still want to make money by doing simple task only then you must join some good GPT sites like 20 cogs which pay a decent amount for completing offers and surveys.

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