Contena review: A good or bad site for writers?

I will tell you everything in this Contena review i.e how to make money from Contena and how much you can earn from it if you have a good writing skill.

Earning a living from your laptop is not easy for those people who do not have any skill but if you have some type of skill for example content writing, Good knowledge of English language, Video editing or Photoshop work then you can definitely earn a decent amount from home.

is Contena a scam?

No, Contena is not a scam.

Contena review

It is a paid website platform where writers signup for $100 per month to find content writing opportunities and make money from home.

People often call Contena a scam and the reason is contena is asking heavy membership fee for the signup process even before you make any money from the website.

If you know some freelancing website then contena is also a type of freelancing website where you can find jobs related to content writing only.

The only difference between a freelancing website and Contena is instead of taking a percentage cut in an order value contena is taking a fixed cut of $100 per month from freelancers.

For example, if you have generated  $2000 revenue from ( is a Top freelancing website) in a particular month then after Fiverr 20% cut you will get only $1600 but if you are doing the content writing job on Contena and generated  $2000 in revenue then you will get $1900. 

What is the cost to join the Contena Platform?

There is two membership plan for joining this content writing platform.

  • Gold membership ($500 a year)
  • Platinum Membership ($800 a year)

If you want to pay in instalment then this option is also available.

you can pay your membership fee in 5 easy instalments.

  • For gold membership Plan (5 x $129 = $645 )
  • For platinum Membership plan (5 x $199 = $995)

If you want to pay monthly then you have to pay $100 for every single month for gold membership.

What will you get in paid membership of contena?

This website is not for everyone, If you are not taking writing seriously then I do not recommend you to join because contena is for writers who want to make a living from writing.

There are a number of things you will get other than using the platform for your $100

  • You get a training program which shows you how to get started with freelance writing and everything you need to know before you get started.
  • All benefits will be provided to paid members only plus you can reach out to success coach in case you have any questions.
  • You can apply for as many jobs as you like.
  • You will get access to their massive database of companies who hire remote writers.
  • For platinum members, they receive access to a dedicated coach who will help to refine their portfolio and provide valuable feedback and recommendations.

I think this much is enough and totally worth of $100 which you are paying if you signup for contena but again if you doing for testing purpose only then don’t waste your 100 bucks.

Note:- You don’t have to complete the course for applying for the job because the tutorial is totally optional.

The training is for beginners who are just starting their careers in the content writing field.

I am beginner should I Join?

They have designed their training course in such a way that even beginner can understand within a week and start getting the jobs.

What type of jobs I will get?

You will get Content writing jobs in almost every field i.e Blogging Industries, Tech field, Faishan, Health niche, Moneymaking topic and many more topic are there.

Pros of

  • Fewer competitions due to $100 entry fee.
  • The training course is available for beginners.
  • Dedicated coach is available for Platinum members.
  • A success coach is available 24 x 7.
  • You can apply to as many jobs as you like.
  • You get access to their massive database who hire remote writers.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee is available in case you don’t like the platform for genuine reason. 
  • You can earn commission by referring writers to after joining their affiliate program.
  • You will get the Escrow facility so that no client can take the work free from you.

Cons of

  • $100 fee for the Signup process makes many beginners away from the platform.
  • No trial period is available before investing your 100 bucks. 
  • No passive income opportunity except Affiliate.
  • It is very costly to join for students.

What is the process of getting a refund in case I don’t like it?

You will get 30 days Money-back guarantee in case you don’t find the platform useful or you are facing any difficulty in getting jobs.

If you need refund then you need to Email them mentioning that you want a refund with some genuine reason why you want your money back.

But I have seen so many negative reviews online of freelancers mentioning that it is hard to get a refund from this website because they need detailed reason of asking the refund and you have to convenience their staff to get the refund.

Contena Alternative

Here are the top free alternative option you should consider before investing in paid membership

Fiverr and Upwork are the freelancing website where you can provide any type of services whereas on and are the content writing platforms only.

 In my opinion, if you are just starting out then try other alternative options because according to me if there is someone who wants to earn money by his/her writing skills then this means that he/she is not very rich.

So, freelancer wants to earn money not to give the fee first even there are so many benefits.

If you are still facing problems in getting your first job then don’t worry there are many more options for you to make money from home.


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