6 Awesome saving tips to save extra $1,000 every month

If every month your salary or income got vanished then you must read this post.

There are more than 50% of people in the world of whom the expense is more than their income.

This is why this article is very important for you. If any of the portions of this article helps you to save even $50 a month then it going to be $45000 in 30 years.

Saving money from your expense is your second income which you can earn from doing almost nothing.

Let’s start

Tip 1:- Save your money every time while making an online purchase.

There is a high chance that you are shopping when there is a discount on something but what if I tell you that you can save a lot more if you purchase
via Swagbucks.

If you know what is Swagbucks and how it works then fine you can skip this point and can move to the second point if not then continue reading.

Swagbucks provide the extra discount if you purchase via it and also provide you many opportunities to earn money while doing a simple task which you do every day like
browsing the web, filling the survey, playing games online, etc.

Tip 2:- use price compare chrome extension

There have been many cases when people found something very useful online and purchase it instantly and after making the payment they found that
the same product is available cheaper on other website but not now if you are using price compare extension on your chrome web browser then you can check the
price of any product on all popular websites with just one click.

Click on the below link and install it

Tip 3:- Use refurbished items where possible

Yes, I know using the refurbished items is sometimes not good because of issues in futures in some items like laptops or any electronic item.
but, buying the refurbished item can be a good decision in some items.
The electronic item may start giving you trouble after some time but if you are buying the furniture then tell me why it is not a good idea?

Tip 4:- Always Buy at wholesale rate

There are many items which you need on regular basis and buying them every week, months.
for example shampoo, shop, cosmetic items, makeup items, clothes, etc.
always buy these items in little bulk and ask for a discount there is a high chance that you can save more if you are shopping offline.

Tip 5:- Choose a credit card company as per your need.

whether you are shopping online or offline you can make payment via your credit or debit card. so take an idea of your spending you make every month
and choose your credit card accordingly.

Tip 6:- Avoid unnecessary expenses

There are few things on which you can save 100% for example

1. You can cancel the subscription which you don’t need.

2. Avoid eating outside or minimize it.

3. Don’t buy things which you don’t need in the next 3-6 months

4. Take the items on rent if you need it for once.

5. Avoid large expenses like buying a car or house on EMI

6. Last but the best tip is don’t take Loans unless it is a do or die situation.


I can bet you that if you are following the above tips honestly then you can easily save approx $20,000 in a year or maybe more than that.

The amount you can save depends on how much you are earning and how honestly you are following the above tips.

There are is no magical stick or formula but it is simple as that which I told you above.

Thank you!  Happy saving


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