Top Multibagger stocks for 2019

Here is the list of 10 Stocks which has the potential to become the multi-bagger stock in 2019

Jubilant food works

Do you know American eats 100 acres of pizza every day on an average and India is on the same track the sales of Pizza making company in India is increasing day by day and in term of taste no one can beat Dominos (Jubilant Foodworks).

Also, Jubilant food works are both fundamentally & financially strong and have tremendous growth potential which we can see in the company balance sheet.

So because of the growing sector of the company and strong balance sheet and increasing Net profit.

we have predicted Jubilant Foodwork is one of the Multibagger stock in 2019 with the target price of 1800/- per share in the next 1.5-2 years.


Federal Bank

Federal bank is the one fastest private sector bank currently the stock price of the federal bank is approx 92/- per share which is slightly undervalued and best buying opportunity.

we know we can’t get good quality stocks at the cheaper price this is why I put this stocks on the second number of Multibagger list of the year 2019.

Note:- More than 80% of the stock holding is from the FIIs and DII.

RBL Bank

RBL bank is another bank which I like to include in the Multibagger list because from the starting it is showing growth in double dight of approx 40%.

Also one of the best name in picking the Multibagger stock named Ramdev Agarwal is also holding this stock. I already wrote an in-depth article about this stock which you can find here.

Ashok Leyland

Ashok Leyland is the second largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in India and the fourth largest manufacturer of buses in the world.

We know currently India is in a growing phase and in this phase, there is the large requirement of movement of goods.

So it is obvious that the requirement of buses and trucks will also increase and Ashok Leyland has shown the increase in profits over the last ten years.

After seeing all the above point we can expect the 5X return from this stock over the next 10 years.

Pidilite Industries Ltd.

Pidilite is the company of chemicals and waterproof solutions and has the potential of becoming the Multibagger stock because of the competitive advantage and healthy balance sheet and profit & Loss account.

pidilite share price

Just look at the above graph of Pidilite share price you will notice that it is already a multi-bagger stock.

One more reason for becoming a multi-bagger stock in future is too much trust of the people on this company in waterproofing sector which will continue pushing the profit graph of Pidilite.

Delta Corp Ltd

Right now casino business is in the starting phase in India, therefore, there is also a competitive advantage over the other sector.

Also, this type of stock is a little bit risky for buying purpose because of the instability of government rules regarding casino business.

So, please be aware that this stock has the potential to become the Multibagger stock but it also carries some risk of losing money.

Many big names are holding stakes in this company one of them is Rakesh jhunjhunwala.


There is a big opportunity for those people who want to invest in good low PE stocks because currently, DHFL is trading around 215/- Rs per share which is very undervalued.

If you can take a little risk and want to earn the 10X return then this stock is for you but you have to give this stock some time to bounce back.

Note: Rakesh Jhunjhunwala also has a holding in this stock and he increased his stack in this company after recent fall in stock price.

Disclaimer:- Please invest @ your own risk or owner of is not responsible for any loss you made on your investment due to the above information.










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