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A safe opportunity to triple your money (Invest in Maruti Suzuki)

I know many of you have a question in your mind that why I am saying that its a safe opportunity even everyone knows that investing in stock market is not safe at all but believe me after reading this whole post I bet you understand why I am saying its safe to invest @ current Maruti Suzuki share price.(@6886/- per share.)

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Maruti Suzuki

Before saying anything I believe you already investing in the stock market and you have some basic understanding of every industry if not then please make a distance with the stock market because its Dangerous for those people who do not have complete knowledge and due to this they end up with a huge loss in the stock market.

So, Now let’s look into Automobile industries(take the car segment only) and we will found that there is only 2 big player in the market the No. 1 is Maruti and No. 2 is Mahendra.

There is no 3rd player in the car segment and by reading this I know you will think that there are also other players like Tata,  Honda, Ford or Volkswagen etc.

There is the reason for not including these companies in the list and you will understand this by just looking at the below sales data of June 2018

Sale figure:

Maruti in June 2018:            1,44,981 units

Mahendra in June 2018:       45,155 units

Toyota in June 2018:            14,102 units

Tata Motors in June 2018:    26,773 units

Honda in June 2018:             17,602 units

now I think by looking above data you understood that there are only two big players in the car segment in India.

As we know that Maruti is king in Hatchback and sedan car and Mahendra in Utility Vehicle but you will be shocked by seeing the below graph of the market share of Maruti and Mahendra in Utility Vehicle in last five year. Just take a look.

Maruti Suzuki share price

Now I tell you 5 reason to invest @ current Maruti Suzuki share price

Market leader in its segment  

As I have already provided you the data above for understanding that Maruti Suzuki is at  No. 1 position in its Car segment.

Due to the high Brand image, we can see an increase in sale figure continuously which ends up in making more money for the company and you can also if you invest at current price.

Increasing Demand

After China India is second largest in population and with passing time Indians also becoming richer and richer and due to this demand of car is also increasing very rapidly which lead to an increase in demands in cars.

Increasing Market share

Market share of Maruti is increasing year after year due to one after another new Successful launch of Maruti Car

Increasing Net profit 

Year after year Maruti had shown the exponential growth in net profit of company which also help Maruti in sustaining in no. 1 position by investing the profit in Advertising and technology.

Year Mar’18 Mar’17 Mar’16 Mar’15 Mar’14
Reported Net Profit 7,721.80 7,350.20 5,364.30 3,711.20 2,783.00

Available @ reasonable price

Do you know whenever the market crash the top investor, mutual funds and investing agencies invest their money in blue chip companies because their prices are too high to buy and invest in it.

During the market crash, these companies are the main target of top investors and here the same case with Maruti Suzuki

Currently, Maruti share price is available at a very reasonable price and it’s a sure buy.

My personal target for Maruti Suzuki is 17000/- per share in the next 5 years (for the year 2023).

if you have other thought about Maruti Suzuki then please tell me in the comment box.



Please invest @ your own risk or owner of is not responsible for any loss you made on your investment due to the above information.

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