20 cogs review : is 20 cogs legit or a scam?

If you are living in the UK then 20 Cogs is one of the best GPT sites for you from which you can make 200+ Euro a month just by completing offers and surveys.

What is 20Cogs?

20 Cogs is a GPT website based in the United Kingdom from which you can earn money with the help of your Laptop/mobile and Internet connection by doing a simple task.

If you don’t know what GPT site is then GPT site is Get Paid to do Task site where people can make money by doing a simple task like filling surveys, completing offers and many more things.

Is 20 cogs a scam?

No, 20 Cogs is not a Scam Company because I myself tested this site and there is no doubt that the site is paying the money for completing the offers.

 Also, 20 Cogs is paying a lot more in comparison to other GPT sites, so if you are already working on other GPT sites then this is the time to change the site to 20 Cogs.

Who can join 20 Cogs?

There are two conditions if you want to join 20 Cogs and the conditions are

  • You must be a resident of the United Kingdom.
  • You must be 18 years old.

There is a little more requirement which is not mandatory but needed to complete most of the offers to get paid from 20 cogs.

For example

  • You need a bank account with a credit card so that you can Sign up for most of the offers.
  • It is good to have a Laptop/mobile with a good internet connection so that you have to invest your less time because if you do with mobile with slow internet connection then it will take hours of your time to complete the task.
  • You need approx 50-100 Euros for subscribing for various offers on 20 Cogs.
  • BACS or PayPal Account

The above four things are not mandatory to make an account on 20 cogs website but you need these things on various point to complete the most of the tasks.

So, if you do not have the above four things then it will be very tough for you to get a payout from 20 cogs.

How much you can earn from 20 Cogs?

The answer to this question is already answered by 20 cogs on their website which is given below

20 cogs earning

It’s a good thing that the website is honest about earnings you can make from it. It’s true that you can’t make a lot of money but you definitely can make approx €200 per month.

I think for a GPT website €200 is the very good money you are getting because there is a lot of other GPT websites who are offering way less than what 20 cogs are giving for your time.

But still, I recommend you to read my next section “Is it worth to join 20 cogs?” because there are other costs involved in the process of which you are not thinking.  


Is it worth to join 20 cogs and make money?

The Answer to this question is hidden in the mandatory requirement of the website for joining.

The first requirement is you must be a resident of the United Kingdom which is a developed country where the cost of living is much higher than most of the developing country like India, China etc.

So, €200 is a lot of money for the people living in developing country like India but If you are living in the United Kingdom then spending your lots of time in earning €200 in a month is useless I think.

Do you agree with me?

If No, then you can join 20 cogs from below link and get your €5 as a welcome bonus

sign up 20 cogs

Let’s calculate whether it is worth to join 20 cogs or not

In order to calculate is it worth to join 20 cogs or not then we have to consider many things which we have not considered before like, the cost of the Internet used in completing the offers, time value of money and many more.

The below things are the required things which you have to include in calculating the cost of completing the 20 cogs offers

  • Cost of Internet needed to complete the offers (Approx 15-20 Euros per month)
  • Time value which needed to complete 20 cogs offers (minimum wage per hour in the UK is €8)
  • Cost of money needed for signup process in various offers (You need to invest 40-60 Euros to earn €200 in a month)
  • Laptop/Mobile Cost (You know the Best)

I think by reading the above four points you are the best to judge whether it is good for you or not.

How to make money from 20 Cogs

Making money from 20 Cogs is little different from other GPT websites. You can earn money in two ways

  • By completing Cog Offers
  • By referring to friends


By Completing Cog offers

For making money from 20cogs.co.uk you have to complete all 20 cogs because it is compulsory to complete all 20 cogs before you get paid or receive any money from this website.

So if you were thinking that after making few euro’s you can withdrawal money into your bank account then you can’t.

And for completing each cog the website will give 3-4 options to choose the offer form for completing the cog and in case you refused the all options then new offers will be shown similar to option 1 and therefore I told you it’s little different from another GPT website.

The offers are like below


20 cogs offer



So, from the above images, you can see that most of the offers are for using trials and signing up for a subscription for a small fee like 99p or €1.

This is because I told you that you need approx 40-80 Euros for completing the offers but from the images, you can conclude that for spending like €1 on signup process and for completing the offer you are earning anywhere between 6-12 Euros.

So, it’s not a bad deal I think.


By referring friends (5% referral Commission lifetime)

This is the method which most of the people usually ignore because it is too tough to convene anyone to sign up for any GPT site and earn a referral commission.

But from my point of view, it is the better way than the previous one because it is like a passive income because If someone signup for 20 Cogs from your referral link then you will earn a 5% of their earning for lifetime.

So, It is a kind of Passive income but It is quite tough to make this happen because pasting your referral link in various places like forums, the Facebook group are considered spam.    

I recommend you to not to try this method if you do not have any significant following either on YouTube or Blog/website.

20 cogs on mobileCan you complete offers from mobile?

Yes, you can complete the offers from your mobile and also on the go if you are in travel and it’s a good thing because there are many times when you don’t have any things to do while you are travelling.


The site of 20cogs is fully optimized for mobile but you cannot complete the offers from the same speed from which you can complete from a laptop and it is due to the lower mobile screen size.

How to get paid and payment methods

20 Cogs have one very strict rule which is you will not get paid at all if you have not completed all 20 cogs.

Yes, all 20 cogs so if you have completed 19 cogs and for some reason, you are unable to complete the 20th cogs then you will not get any earned amount no matter what it is.

 There are two ways from which 20 cogs pays, the first one is BACS and second is aka PayPal.

And I am sure if you are living in the UK then you must have any one of them or both.

Customer support/Reviews of 20 Cogs

I have checked most of the reviews on Trust Pilot and other reviews website and found that they are real reviews submitted by real persons.

Some of the screenshot of the reviews are given below

20 cogs review



Also, I noticed that many users are reporting a quick response from the customer support of 20cogs which is a good thing.


Now let look into some of the pros and cons of this website because as we know there are always some pros and cons of each website.

Pros of 20 cogs

  • It is paying much more than other GPT websites.
  • Fully Trusted and genuine website
  • The referral program is available.
  • Lifetime 5% earning in the referral program
  • Very good customer support.
  • 5 Star rating on Trust pilot website.
  • Free to join.
  • Some offers are proving great rewards.
  • Fast Payout after approval
  • PayPal payment method is available.
  • You will get many paid subscription for free on 20cogs so if you are really interested in any particular offer then you can save a lot.

Cons of 20 cogs

  • The money you can earn is very less in comparison to other ways from which you can make money online.
  • You need some money to invest in subscription in order to complete your all 20 cogs.
  • Payout is available only if you complete all 20 cogs otherwise No payout.
  • Long waiting time to get accentually paid from this website. (Approx 2 months)
  • The website takes a long time before they approve your completed offers/cogs.
  • Referral commission is only 5%.
  • Available only for a resident of the United Kingdom.
  • Some offers need you to manually email them to unsubscribe the offers.
  • You have to maintain a record of the subscribing list so that you can undo the subscription before the end of the trial.
  • Not available for the people having age below 18 years.
  • Most of the offers need you to pay €1 Euro fee for the signup process.
  • Many offers need you to pay from your credit card only so if you are not having one then you cannot complete this offer.

Tips to make most out of 20 Cogs

  • Always maintain a record of your subscribed offers with an alarm set so that you don’t get charged.
  • Use the bank account which does not have a high balance or you used the least so that you can track all transaction without much effort.
  • If you are already on the unlimited plan of the Internet then you can skip the Internet cost in calculating the cost of earning from this website.
  • Don’t use any type of proxy for signing up on this website if you are not resident of the United Kingdom or want to make more than one account.
  • Don’t use your main/Business Email for signing up on offers. It is good to make a new email account just for this website.
  • Keep track of your expenses and earning so that you can know how much you are earning by spending how much time so that you can decide whether it is worth for you to continue with this website or not.


The final conclusion is if you are more than 18 years, living in the UK, and a jobless person having laptop and internet access then you must try out this website.

But wait there is one more condition from my side and the condition is you do not have any skill other than using laptop and internet plus you also don’t want to learn any skill then it is good for you.

So, If you fulfil all the above conditions then it is a very good site for you otherwise you can do freelancing and can make much more money then what you will earn on 20cogs website or there are many other ways available from which you can make money.


How to join 20 Cogs

Now if you are finally decided to join the 20 Cogs to give a try or just curious to make some money on Internet then you can Sign up from the below button and earn your €5 as the welcome bonus.


sign up 20 cogs



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